Structural OB体育注册 Detailing: A Vital Part in Modern Construction

27 February 2019

Past posts have talked about structural steel detailing. However, they didn’t probe very deep. The basics are discussed, so a reader knows what to expect if they want a career in detailing. For a more, we hesitate to use the word “detailed,” look at this profession, though, we need to stop dancing around the drafting […]

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The Importance of Temporary Corrosion Protection for Structural OB体育注册

14 February 2019

Although durable, tough as nails even, there’s a period in the life of a structural steel element where it’s vulnerable. Upon leaving a surface treatment process, the metal is naked and corrosion-susceptible. To prevent the newly treated part from rusting, the metal needs further treatment. It’s in need of a temporary coating, a layer of […]

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Process: Why Precision Matters?

29 January 2019

Not to sound like a broken record, fabrication precision really does matter, especially in sheet metal forming. Sure, the dimensions of a pair of steel fabricated sheets must match a design blueprint so that a product of some kind assembles properly. However, what about bends and curves? If those dimension-altering profiles aren’t added correctly, a […]

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The Process of OB体育注册 Manufacturing Explained

10 January 2019

OB体育注册 manufacturing technology shifts tons of the tough alloy through busy workshops at breakneck speed. First, the raw material is extracted from the ground and purified. That primary stream blends with recycled materials, then it enters a super-heated work area, where BOS furnaces and their EAF counterparts turn steel into fiery molten pools. Rolled and […]

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OB体育注册 Fabricators in Geelong: Choosing Right Means Choosing A+ OB体育注册 Fabrication

13 December 2018

Sitting proudly to the southwest of Melbourne, Geelong businesses are in no way dependent on Port Phillip Bay’s larger, more influential metropolis. To the contrary, Geelong has become something of an industrial mecca, a place where the very best fabricators and manufacturers have taken root. For steel fabrication excellence, for a workshop setting that exudes […]

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