Blog | July 12th, 2018

During the metal fabrication process that you are no doubt looking for, it cannot be understated just how vital it is that you have a proper finish applied to your materials. While there are many different kinds of finishes to choose from in our particular industry, there are certain finishing processes that are above and beyond others. Today, we are going to be talking about sandblasting and painting your metal fabrication. While sandblasting and painting sounds fairly simple on its surface, we’re going to dig deeper into the topic in order to define the process and show you the benefits that can be found.

Sandblasting & Painting – The Right Finish for Your Metal Fabrication

When you roll through different finishing options for your metal fabrication project, you end up looking for a few specific traits. You obviously want your project to have a particular aesthetic appeal when all is said and done, but you also want the materials to last. Sandblasting and painting is a process that can help you to spruce up the visuals of your project while improving the longevity, as well. Let’s start by defining the two processes before leaping into their specific benefits.

1) Sandblasting – Sandblasting is, effectively, a way to completely clean the surface of your metal. Using high powered machines, we treat your surface through an abrasive blowing technique. Grease, old coatings, rust, and dust are all blown away. Additionally, the marks we leave by way of the abrasion are then used to help the paint adhere to the surface of your metal.

2) Painting – At this point in the process, we can begin applying primer, powder, and paint to your metal fabrication. Whether we are designing something small for indoor use or something massive for outdoor use, the process is pretty much the same.

Benefits of Sandblasting and Painting

So we know what sandblasting and painting are and how the two processes work in conjunction with one another. By this point in time, you are likely wondering what the exact benefits of going this route actually is. Well, we’re glad that you asked.

1) Anti-Corrosive – Leading the brigade of benefits is the fact that sandblasting and painting in a couplet allows for your material to fight against corrosion.

2) Efficiency – Sandblasting and painting is a quick and effective method for metal treatment. There are no delays in getting your project ready.

3) Resistant to Chemicals
– Finally, with a sandblasting and paint finish, your materials are resistant to chemicals. This is particularly important when you are going to put the project inside of a factory or warehouse.


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