Blog | September 11th, 2018

Taking a break from fabrication and site installation work, we turn towards structural steel detailing, to a service that creates laser-focused design drawings. All things considered, the alloys sourced by a leading fabrication shop will perform according to their unique material characteristics, and the structure will support numerous loading vectors, but these factors aren’t going to mesh correctly if there’s an error in those plans, even an insignificant error.

There Are No Insignificant Errors  

The problem with planning errors is that they accumulate. An expert design engineer, perhaps someone trained in the ways of AutoCAD, has introduced such a design flaw. It carries forward incrementally, accumulates and grows. The dimensional disparity changes the load sum values, which should balance, and the structure becomes ever so slightly asymmetrical. In time, those unbalanced loads are going to gather and press down on a structural element, at which point cracks will propagate along the ailing building or machine shop workpiece.

Structural OB体育注册 Detailing Services  

This process requires absolute values in plain integers, known decimal places, and in zero sums. Every element in the workshop design plans has been measured. Everything has been drawn to scale and turned into a well-defined structural asset. This structural steel detailing service is striving for 99% accuracy, and an upper echelon detailer is even hitting 99.9% at times, all so that each structural workpiece, large or small, slots together like finely produced puzzle pieces. Think, just for a moment, of the benefits. Yes, the loads are balanced because there are no flaws in the design plans. Furthermore, there’s not a single gap between any two structural elements, so every fastener snaps into place, just as every weld seam hits its mark.

A Communications-Biased Profession  

Clearly, this is an engineering professional, who’s leading a team of similarly trained engineers. The team members are modelling the design plans, detailing the drawings, and they’re creating documentation as each step concludes. The shop drawings are almost done now, so it’s time to get the erection plans compiled. Communicating with team members, with the head design engineer, and even with computer software, there are new factors to evaluate. The welds and foundations aren’t a problem, but what about wind loads and seismic events? The erection drawings proceed apace, but this time there are outside factors to incorporate into the plans.

Accuracy, always accuracy, that’s the mandate of structural steel detailing, a service that implements an incredibly precise level of design surety. At best, the engineer is seeking 99.9% drawing fidelity, but a 99% limit is acceptable as long as the dimensional tolerances for the project allow such leeway.


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