Blog | June 12th, 2018

A fully equipped machine shop swings into action, and a structural steel fabrication project begins. These are the services that come into play when large-scale buildings are being erected. Columns and beams, bars and tubes, all of these elements are prepped and processed by capable structural steel fabrication services. Then, just when the workshop phase completes, it’s time to transport those expertly crafted structural elements to the construction site.

Masters of All Workshop Fabrication Services  

While the techs are on the factory floor, working the cutting and bending equipment, the engineers are addressing the technical aspects of the project. The client design is in hand, so this is the moment when the process begins. It all starts with the selection of a graded steel, a corrosion resistant structural alloy that has enough tensile strength to support a quoted load. Built from multiple steel-framed sections or as a single shed of pre-fabricated steel, the rules are much the same; the goal is to deftly select a raw material that’s heat treated and alloyed with a particular set of additives. Carbon or some exotic metal, the high strength metal satisfies a key range of construction-oriented structural attributes.

Gifted with Pre-Fabricated Assembly Skill  

The industry middlemen are the prefabricated erection team. In this case, the I-beams and L-beams, and other beam profiles are partially assembled in the factory. In one room, there’s a cutting machine and a bending station. A CNC machining room is situated near a design room, a glass-walled enclosure that’s hosting a computer workstation and a drawing table. Beyond the sheet metal fabrication area, a large prefabrication room is occupied. There are welders and a hoist in here. The team and their lifting equipment are welding the beams and angle plates, then they’re fitting fasteners. From here, the prefabricated assemblage of beams is transported to the worksite, where it’s finally installed. Fast and efficient, this approach reduces time spent on-site. Furthermore, the workshop setting adds a healthy measure of factory-situated control to the proceedings.

Structural steel fabrication services start in the machine shop. In here, manually operated machinery competes with CNC operated equipment for space. The steel is bent and cut according to the highest imaginable engineering tolerances. Dimensionally exact and material tough, the beams and connecting pieces assemble accurately. Then, whether it’s on-site or back at the workshop, TIG and MIG welding services and high-end fasteners are used to assemble the structural framework. Left to expert engineers and skilled techs, the project concludes safely and precisely, and it absolutely supports an intended load.

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