Blog | December 13th, 2018

Sitting proudly to the southwest of Melbourne, Geelong businesses are in no way dependent on Port Phillip Bay’s larger, more influential metropolis. To the contrary, Geelong has become something of an industrial mecca, a place where the very best fabricators and manufacturers have taken root. For steel fabrication excellence, for a workshop setting that exudes A+ metal working virtuosity, here’s why ideas are flying out to our well-equipped workshop.

An Opportunity to ‘Toot Our Own Horn’

Raising perfectly fabricated and formed steel structures on coarsely excavated building sites, a successful steel fabricator learns a few things. First, being so successful, there’s a temptation to flex one’s reputation, to toot our own horn, as the saying goes. Second, that reflex is tempered by the following knowledge: a company’s reputation is only as good as its next job. Here in Geelong, we’re positioned at the cusp of an oncoming construction wave. Up to the north and east, major city projects require advanced steel fabrication resources and fully-equipped facilities. Then, coming from all other directions, there are sheds and agricultural facilities to build.

A Geelong-based Mission Statement

There are other lessons to learn from construction site work. First and foremost, a good foundation is everything. For A+ OB体育注册 Fabrication, that foundation forms in the workshop. Like keystones, the best bending and shearing and forming machines are installed on the shop floor. Like the reinforced strands that run through those heavy blocks, trained machine operators and welders operate the equipment. Finally, mating all of these services, 35 years of experience is on hand to coordinate each and every project asset. Moving away from the metaphors, that experience promises quality-assured structural fabrication work, top-tier manufacturing aptitude, and a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

It’s a Competitive Business

Zipping down the highway, with the bay filling a driver’s window, steel fabrication sites abound. They’re rising as industrial warehouses and storage sheds. Out front, plywood-strengthened company billboards advertise specific services. Among them, A+ OB体育注册 Fabrication pops up more than any other service. The name maybe lists other contracts, which are also underway around the region. Structurally complex, engineering-stable steel framework resides in the distance. Subcontractors crowd around its base. Not satisfied with coordinating all workshop resources, an A+ manager is out there, too, directing the subcontractors so that a client’s vision springs to life just as they imagined.

In Geelong, well, pretty much in any region really, steel fabrication professionals build structures like they see construction sites. They build a foundation out of machinery and workshop resources. Keeping their mission statement on the straight and narrow, the service extends seamlessly beyond the shop perimeter, towards the installation site. Transportation logistics are handled, subcontractors contacted, and every fabrication resource is coordinated.

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