Understanding the Principles of Structural OB体育注册 Detailing

12 December 2018

It’s not easy to reduce a sophisticated field of engineering down to a few passages of explanatory text. And that’s what structural steel detailing is, an incredibly dense engineering domain. It takes years of education and experience to master the authoring of endless pages of detail-oriented design drawings. Admittedly, there are software aids available, but […]

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The Importance of Surface Dust Test for Quality Assurance after Sandblasting

19 November 2018

Sandblasting jobs remove fine layers of surface material from steel workpieces. Think about that for a moment, this is a subtractive operation. Not like shears or cutting blades, of course. Still, there’s no getting around the fact, metal is being removed, and it has to go somewhere. Abraded by a high-force, super-fine stream of scratchy […]

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Project Management and Site Installation of Fabricated Projects

13 November 2018

Because every project is unique, an equally specialized set of project management skills must be on-hand to handle a fabricated assemblage as it’s installed. After all, fabricated projects, each made of steel and intricately fastened frame pieces, aren’t simply released to the wilds after the workshop operations are done. No, the job isn’t done until […]

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Single Span and Multi Span Rigid Frames: What are the Differences?

26 October 2018

Single Span and Multi-Span rigid frames are both recognized as popular structure bracing systems. They both support walls and rooftops. They’re both fabricated in-shop and transported to work sites, where they’re erected and transformed into stylish and functional buildings. The similarities don’t stop there, but we’re looking at the differences between the two structural systems, […]

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The Process of Effective Sandblasting

09 October 2018

In one end and out the other, rough-surfaced steel components exit a sandblasting station with perfectly cleaned finishes. Dirt and grime, that’s gone. If there’s oil or grease biting into the alloy, the process scours those surface contaminants away. And rust, of course, that ugly electrochemical bloom can’t hang around when this abrasive operation is […]

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